Poker Card Guard

Poker card guards are similar to paperweights in function. Just like a paper card and keep it safe, these card guards can be placed on cards to keep the cards together and safe. When playing the game of poker, the cards are often placed on the table head down. By placing a card guard on it, a player can ensure that cards will not be exposed accidentally or by foul play. These can be handled easily and are enough to keep the cards together.

Card protectors come in various sizes and shapes. A majority of them are either circular or rectangular with curved corners. Actually, card guards are a late entrant into the list of poker accessories. But it quickly became very popular as a collector’s hobby item and a convenient item as a gift. Unlike poker cards and chips, card guards are allowed in casinos. That makes it a must have item for regular poker players. Card guards are not that much expensive. These have an average price of about $ 20. However, there are expensive card guards with chic designs for the fashion savvy people among the poker players 예스카지노.

Poker card guards are available in various shops in the United States. The fact that it is used as a gift item explains its immense popularity. It is this event in shops that sell goods that are unrelated to the game of poker. Also, the same fact explains the trend of putting eye-catching designs on the card guards and giving imaginative names to them. One can buy cards protectors from the internet also. There are websites that line up to sell what they call “the best and most elegant card protectors in the world”. One thing to remember is that there are some websites that sell cards that are guards of very poor quality and substandard finishing. So, one should be careful about making purchasing decisions on the internet. To be safer side, always buy products of genuine and famous companies.

The common aspects to check before buying a poker card guard are the following. One should always check for any finishing defect in a card protector. Such defects include broken edges that are unrecognizable in casual glances, narrow cracks through the body that are very difficult to spot, and spilled paint and other painting problems. When buying from a website, one should always find a new card that is defective or of poor quality. Purchasing from the internet is a highly cost-effective option for buying a card protector.

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