The Real Challenge of the Developers – Android

From the time it has original release, android os was upgraded with the new versions and on average all of the bugs have been corrected and new features have been included. At the end of the year of 2009 Google estimated there would be 18 phone models that’ll utilize Google android. The further benefit of Google android is that users are able to work well with this particular and put in it even with additional os’s.

Users may put in android os in cellular devices which have other operating platform with a small number of hacking and it ensures limited functionality. Early applications which have been developed with android os had lots of problems that comprised bugs, insufficient documentation, absence of system to get public tracking and lack of adequate QA infrastructure. In spite of the flaws, software were found after the platform was announced. First ever released application-Snake match got a wide support from these users.harry potter hogwarts mystery hack ios

Hardware unlocked and sim-unlocked device was the android dev phone which was mainly employed by the advanced users. Developers can choose regular consumer apparatus to make sure use the apparatus while some other developers don’t make use of a retail device to get their own applications. The Software Development Kit (SDK) Android 0.9 has API that was updated and extended compared to its older version. Home screen also includes some updated attractive design and style.

However Android SDK 1.0 fixed all of the difficulties with bugs and included small features. Number of phones with Android is increasing which in turn has caused the third party developers to install applications into android os’s. Some of the very Internet websites think android as most crucial to make some native applications based up on android. Most famous among them are MySpace and Facebook.

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